Gun Dog Training

Antebellum Kennels is dedicated to producing a top hunting and family companion for you and your family. Our program encompasses all facets of the hunting dog world, from getting your puppy started out on the right foot, to competing in the top hunting dog tests. Below is a brief overview of our different programs. All of these programs are completely customizable to fit you, your dog, and your family.

  • Puppy development

Getting puppies started out in the right direction early in life sets you up for a lifetime of happiness with them. When a puppy comes to Antebellum Kennels, they are put into a program that will expose them to everything they need to grow up to be a great hunting partner and family companion. The program includes house training, general obedience, introduction to gun fire, live birds, and water, weather permitting. Everyday, your puppy will be put into situations that simulate various hunting scenarios, as well as how they need to interact and be a vital part of the family. They will be also be introduced to all of the various equipment that they might encounter in the field. We also put a tremendous amount of importance on teach the young puppies and dogs patience and learning to wait without whining and fidgeting.

  • Gentleman’s Gun Dog

This program is for the older, more advanced dog whose owner would like them to be the complete hunting companion. The dogs who complete this program will be steady and quiet in the blind or field and retrieve to hand without damaging the quarry. These dogs will learn to run simple blinds, retrieve multiple shot birds properly, and how to deal with crippled birds. They will be conditioned to the collar, at the owners choice. These dogs will also be great family companions and leave the program with manners suitable for household life.

  • Campaigned Dog Program

This program is for those of you who would like to see your dog excel in various levels of competition. Dogs will be campaigned at competitions throughout the United States at the appropriate level for their training. We run dogs from the started level through Grand level. The dogs will have the skills necessary to be great family and hunting companions, with the added training necessary to compete at a variety of different dog trial levels.

  • Puppy/Dog Procurement

Need help finding your next hunting companion and family member? Let us do the research for you and give you some options to choose from to help in your search. You give us a list of what you’d like out of your dog in the long run, and we’ll give you several options that should hopefully meet your needs. If you want a puppy, we know of many great litters available now or protected for the future for you to choose from. We can also help you find an older dog if you are want to skip the puppy stage and jump right into hunting with your new partner.